Boyle by Dale


It’s an odd thing that my parents blessed me and my sister with androgynous middle names. In our day, it was common to be named after a male ancestor but with a female our cases, being female.

Mine connects me to Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. My horse, Skip, was basically, a ‘son of Trigger”…and did tricks like Trigger.

Now I’m thinking about how Susan Boyle’s voice is an original sound. Her Scottish heritage and Aspergers brain and obvious exceptional musical voice box are our basic American prairie pioneer woman sound.

Paula Abdul’s voice has similar ranges to Susan Boyle’s. Neither are essentially gusty musty cello level sound which makes it hard to believe a soul-wrencher song. In their ranges, they have similar sweetness and earnestness. I’m sure Paula’s is from the heart. I have a lot of respect for her as a singer/performer. But Susan Boyle’s music has all that with absolutely no attachment. She seems to breathe life into the words only as she’s singing them. Apart from that, she’s unaffected. That’s Aspergers and absolutely brilliant.

I adore that Susan Boyle had that natural stubbornness borne out of the formerly-considered-retardation. I can relate! I’ve got a stubbornness which makes me succeed between me and the mule.

When she needed to retreat from the spotlight, she had no grief about it…she has her ancestral home. And it isn’t necessary to upset what works. Money or no money.

Reading about her recording industry is very positive news for Special Ed students. Students on the Spectrum have such unusual gifts that their work, visually revealed, is quite the intense experience. I recommend following such artists of all styles. It’s where newness and true originality is springing from these days.



It’s not spelled right by any translation but it’s the best I can do tonight.

Fear wrecked my soul yesterday in fear of war with Korea and then what….so I prayed…….what I cannot control, I give over to God…and this is one of those situations.

For me, in my loving fantasy of C.S. Lewis’ “Narnia”, the introduction and execution of a benign monarchy was goldenly created. I fell in love with that reality. So in my fear in the plane of reality that it sources from, I wish for Messheeah…the Divine Benign…someone with good sense, kindness, clarity and appropriate justice with the strength to hammer it to a lasting deal.

So now, when that fear grips me in my thoughts and emotions, I can focus my attention to my favorite characters and the fear leaves, more or less…but definitely better than at full effect.

That’s how I both pray for goodness and relieve myself of stress I can’t control. I hope it helps you.

Annie’s Piggy Bank

Tropical Storm Emily was blustering rain the day I began this painting. Doesn’t seem like a dark day, does it?!  That’s the beauty of art. Before Photoshop ever was invented, artists have been creating new ways of seeing the “what’s out there”.

The wooden rocking chair was my base seat as I began this painting in watercolor and pastel. My waterbucket was left at home…typical of this often ditzy artist…so I found a large seashell for my rain water holder.

In many of my on-site pieces, I will sit and look and absorb what comes in naturally through the eye. Photography is my back-up later for more details and suggested colors. However, once laid out, I am the Colorist. In the photo, the large plant pot is white….not a clean white but a dirty-sided greyish white. I translated it into blue. That’s high-keying which is taking the same basic light value and translating it into a higher, cleaner color.

My sister used to live on a farm in Wisconsin. Visiting her there, I fell in love with country living. When I moved to Florida from New York City, two things happened: 1) the light spectrum is much lighter and more yellow which inspired me to go outdoors to paint. 2) I chose the country style of life.

So this first new style painting is dedicated to my sister who inspired me to country living and plants.

When the Sky Darkens Red

Southwest storm has been blowing in with Tropical Storm Emily. She’s the first of this summer’s tropical blow hards. A rain event in our east Florida coast but there was heavy flooding in other Floridian terrains.

This 7 x 10″ is pastel (Unison Brand) on Cotman watercolor 140 lb. cold pressed paper. Winsor & Newton watercolors are the base.

Florida landscapes scream red at me. My first paintings in 1987 came out this way and I didn’t understand why my psyche was picking up red in the green landscape.  My first possible answer is that the land was angry at being ripped up by the wholesale destruction of natural habitat. That may yet be true. However, this piece was created on site of an old settlement of a human/wildlife habitat so I was curious to why I’m still picking up the reds.

Looking at maps of Tropical Storm Emily, that red center where the strongest winds hail might be where this vibration got picked up. But the storm didn’t blow into town until today. This painting was created last night. Premonitionary? Maybe.

What I think is really happening is that my psyche needs to balance the intense greens of our gorgeous Floridian sub-tropical environment. An inner landscape is coming out in me.

That inner landscape has started with my recent return to the study of ancient Hindu understandings of chakras, energies, cyclic times, power sources in our body, and kundilini yoga. I thirst for robust, passionate colors. Hindu culture has produced some of earth’s richest passionate colors and still do.

My conclusion about the red is this: I am the vehicle of seeing and laying out shape with color. My body is tuning into my new knowledge of the resources I studied long ago and kept. My Spirit is bringing forth the colors. For me as an Artist, it’s out of my comfort zone to not paint exactly what I see…like a camera. So I’m striking out with color which shocks me…but feels right.

This is an artist’s stormy passions on the page.

The Grit of Pastel

Unison Pastels are dissoluble in water! I didn’t know that before tonight. The yearning to play with the goooooood pastels was my Saturday night delight. I had a lonely set of an initiate level “Starter Colors 120 piece set”. Pulled it from inside the closet and revealed the lovely half sticks.

Resting in the black foam placement holders, these babies are clean!

I went French for paper: “Ingres” creme laid paper…some bite in tooth….with thin waxed paper ‘tween.

But my brushes were calling me too and I didn’t know what to say to them….so I tried to bring them in. First I made sure I had clean water in my container and then splashed the water around the first rung and it flowed! Yi Yi Yi…and hip hip hurray!!!!  My very excellentest brand of fine artist pastels are able to be painted. That means they have very little pigment binder. Most excellent pastels are built like this into small cigar rolls. I didn’t know they melted in the universal solvent. This expands my use of them.  Painting in a ‘painterly style’ in a robust manner is what I did large canvas; now I can cake the walk in unison.