Saturn casts its shadow.

At what was just degrees off true vertical, Saturn reflected its own shadow. That’s the only celestial body I’ve seen that does that artistic flair. That’s what makes it ‘feel concrete’ more than the other planets around Old Sol.

What does this have to do with cats? It’s the ears.

Patterns of Saturn legends seem to fill up with cat like ears and often in sinister manners….I didn’t like looking that up because I saw Saturn and saw NONE of that infernal negativity. What I saw was the color of pale naples yellow both in the plump round of her sphere and the top of her rings. I remarked to the astronomer that the color was so uniform and so pale, nearly white with a warmer tone. It was definitely a naples yellow. Naples Yellow is a lead derivative, if I’m not mistaken. WIll look that up soon. Heavy metal.

Saturn legends are all about agricultural. My horse, Skip, is that same pale naples yellow. I found him today after 4 years. He was in a large paddock in a farm for retired horses and remembered me.

So in one weekend, on the Sabbath I saw Saturn dressed in Skip’s pale palomino naples yellow color spirit.

Carrots will be forthcoming.


Saturn is in opposition. I saw it.

Friday night, June 23, 2017, Saturn was in the sky with her four moons. Titan is the orange moon up right. The night was clear and at about 11 pm, I saw Saturn in all her beauty. Tipping up the stairs of the Observatory for my personal view and one-on-one contact with the Great Giant She in the Sky.

Hanging there, all round and circular, with bands of same color rings. The astronomer said the rings were made up of dirt and dust which explains where the junk under my bed went.

The ancientness of that stunning celestial body trembled through me as the lecture played sounds returned from space to audio level. I was hearing spaced out planetary sounds in action.

Saturn iconography spans all the time humans have imaged what it is.

I saw our ancient Solar System sibling.

She flipped her rings like whales breach water and then slap back to return to the deep. No sound in Space would allow that back flap slap but watching it in progression of angling will be exciting enough.

It tilted about 7 degrees to the right of vertical. My watercolor is almost too vertical for what I saw through the telescope.

Saturn on the Saturday Sabbath. Very mystically vortexual.

Hard to believe those cultural legends of darkness emanating from Saturn when seeing her for myself with only the telescope between us. I saw her as a perfectly plump celestial body wearing a tutu..and 4 babies keeping up.

Saturn legends ascribe features to her such as being the skeleton, structure and concrete building material. Saturn denotes the discipline of monks in scribing. The structure of the alphabetical letters form ideas. The discipline and structure of Saturn energy is the foundation of visionary manifestations.

Saturn is the day of the weekend where people enjoy themselves; hence Saturnalia parties. Some religions such as Judaism, Messianic, Seventh-Day Baptists hold Sabbath worship on Saturdays.

I saw her. I saw her rings. I saw her light which took 80 minutes to reach my eyes. Eighty minutes of celestial dust coming at me!