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The Dog Won

Momentary thunder at the beach caused most life forms to run for cover. Where does a Mermaid go? Hmmm….ah…to a nearby pool.

The black dog was part Lab. Heavy, dense coat rather than the sleek shiny Labrador pedigree brand but the webbed toes were there. Swimming to keep up with her took some effort with my recently trimmed fins. I hadn’t expected to face water challenges when I went for a trim.

The phosphorescent green did not apparently come off into the dog’s mouth so I figured it was safe to play with.  Lurching over the edge of the pool to grab the ball on the edge of the grass found me flopping like a fat carp. No human saw and I was successful in catching the ball.

Tossing the ball into the center of the pool did nothing to this dog. She sat on the top cement step, sagging that reddish pink tongue with no added facial expressions. I had to ask myself if this creature even saw the ball bobbing in the center, all green and nearly glowing in a light blue pool. Trusting nothing to guessings, I swam to the ball…popped it once in the air to catch the dog’s eye tracking attention, and arched it over to yet another place in the center of the pool.

Which yielded no action from the dog.

I seriously doubted the owner’s statement boast of this dog being part Lab.

After seeing my facial expression regarding this frustration, the owner suggested name calling. Huh? “Name calling isn’t welcome where I come from..” The owner told me the dog’s name and I ignored feeling dumb.

Finally, finally, finally, after numerous name callings at dolphin high pitch squeaks…this  dog jumped in after the ball and grabbed that bobbing green phosphorescent tennis ball. And never let me get it from her again.


Watercolor and Pastel Pencil
Sunday Afternoon Church

Prussian Blue

Prussian Blue is an Old World blue. It predates the modern Phthalo blue with similar coloring properties. In watercolor, the Winsor Blue (Winsor & Newton Colors) is a modern chemical version of the old, early industrial European color byproduct.

From: Chemistry World (

“Prussian blue is a complicated compound and for many years, despite being able to manufacture the pigment, no-one was entirely sure what it was – apart from a blue crystalline solid that could make them money. In fact, the complex structure means that the exact composition of the pigment can vary depending on inclusions in the crystal lattice. But in general, the compound is a cubic arrangement of iron hexacyanoferrate: two different oxidations states of iron – three-plus and two-plus – in a ratio of 4:3.

The hexacyanoferrate ions are octahedral arrangements of iron two-plus ions surrounded by six cyanide groups. These octahedra are then linked by iron three-plus ions at some of the corners and water molecules sit in the spaces left over. So the iron three-plus ions are also octahedrally coordinated, but by a mix of the nitrogen atoms from the cyanide groups, and oxygen atoms from the water.

That might be difficult to visualise without me drawing it out in front of you, but the important thing to understand is that iron two-plus sits in different surroundings to the iron three-plus ions. This difference in the electronic environment means that the molecular orbitals involving the two ions are different. So when light shines on crystals of Prussian blue, it absorbs orange light and transfers an electron from iron two-plus to iron three-plus.

This is known as interatomic charge transfer – the electron jumps from one molecular orbital to one belonging to a different atom and the energy required to make that jump is equal to the wavelength of light absorbed. The unabsorbed light is reflected and that’s why we see Prussian blue as blue.

You can still paint with Prussian blue today, although other synthetic blue pigments and paints have since been developed, but the pigment has found other uses. For example, Prussian blue is also used to treat people who have been internally contaminated with radioactive caesium or highly poisonous thallium. Patients swallow capsules of the pigment and in the intestines the compound incorporates the metal cations into its lattice. By absorbing the dangerous metals, Prussian blue stops them being reabsorbed by the body and instead they are passed out in the normal way, but much quicker; for example, the biological half-life of caesium can be reduced from 110 days to about 30.

Prussian blue: from Picasso’s blue period to saving the day from nasty poisoning, this compound has seen it all. ”

Personally, I love the original Prussian blue. It streaks grayer than phthlalo blues.  Only by adding Payne’s Gray to winsor blue would I get that same repetition of a prussion blue color event on a page.


ISIS and Jesus

The Middle East gave birth to both these iconic figures. Looking at them from the perspective of a Native Bronx Shaman, one is a force of chaos and one embodies all chaos turning into sanity.

When I first heard of the ISIS, and their actions showed destruction of civilizations, devoted to blood letting, beheading, fear mongering and fostering devotees of hatred, it was a slap in the face of Isis, the Middle Eastern Goddess.

“Isis was worshipped as the ideal mother and wife as well as the patroness of nature and magic. She was the friend of slaves, sinners, artisans and the downtrodden, but she also listened to the prayers of the wealthy, maidens, aristocrats and rulers.  Isis is also known as protector of the dead and goddess of children.” (

The modern ISIS murders mothers, children, threatens the world and destroys the arts.

Jesus’ original name in Aramaic is Yeshua.  His renown is being the Son of God who came to earthly confining human form to be the sin bearer for humanity. He performed miracles and loved children, mothers, sinners and was himself, an artisan. He was a carpenter.  He called upon the poor and the wealthy to grab onto Him as the Light to produce peace, kindness, compassion and love.

In my travels this summer, I passed through Ataturk Airport and felt the joyful commonality of global multi-cultures. It felt like a United Nations setting. I visited the United Nations many times and enjoyed their duty free shops, their rose gardens and their multi-cultural personnel and visitors.

One woman I sat with during my travels was mourning the death of her mother. She was travelling from the States to Bangladesh where here mother was being buried. Her sorrow touched me and I served her in my Shamanism with compassion and attempts to feed her coffee, fruits, Turkish delights. She touched me with her openness and need.

When Ataturk was bombed, it felt personal to me. The most splendid airport I ever traveled through was a target of chaos. When Bangladesh was attacked, I prayed for my lady friend and her people.

Meeting all sorts of Muslims in the Ataturk Airport, those Daddies devoted to their babies and Mothers pushing strollers in their colorful scarves, do not seem to be the same Muslims as the new ISIS espouses.

I have a hard time equating the two aspects of Islam. Therefore, I have to conclude that the new ISIS is not a religious organization at all. It seems to be devoid of religion. It is a philosophy of hatred, destruction and murder.

There have been many groups calling themselves religious all through history. Aspects of the original Isis in Egypt had misinterpretations causing destruction. Certainly the institutionalized religion of Christianity has had historic bloodshed in its name. But neither Yeshua or the original Isis promoted such actions.

My conclusion is that the modern ISIS is a group of wayward thinking narcissistic men who promote fear. They seem devoid of God’s love.

Prior to my recent travels, I was filled with fear. It took me two weeks of prayer and connecting with my God to realize that trusting in Him would revibrationalize my brain and erase my fears. It worked.

Prayer, trust in God….and in my case, Yeshua, with lots of smatterings from the original Isis concept, created new courage.

Fear tracking, keeping saturated on the news with hatred is not my idea of life. The Bible teaches that we are to focus on what is good, beautiful, what is kind and be there for each other in compassion. Belief turns into knowing that God is Love and desires us all to live abundant lives.

Casting the new ISIS upon God and His powers is my prayer.  Beyond that, I am to create.

I encourage others to focus energy in a likewise manner.